Low-Tech Method for Getting Things Done

Thursday, September 13, 2012

getting things done appEver wonder how an entire day can slip by without getting work that needs to be done, done? You're not alone. Often, the toughest part of doing the work is doing the work. I read once that Jerry Seinfeld said that in order to make sure he wrote jokes every day, he took a calendar and marked a big red X through each day he finished his writing tasks. His only real job, he remarked, was making sure that the chain of Xs were never broken.

I decided to adopt this same idea, and it turns out it works beautifully for all types of tasks. Included here is a photo I took with my phone of my calendar. I have four specific tasks that I must do every single day (in truth, I have more than four I need to get done every day, but I've chosen to make things a bit more manageable and assigned just four to the "do or die" category) and while I love the results those tasks bring, I often don't love the monotony of actually doing them. Focusing on making sure the red X chain doesn't break really does help me stay focused and get everything done.

I've pretty much tried all the productivity apps and methods out there. This one, for me, is the most effective.

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