Your Most Loyal Fans

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Like magazine subscribers for glossies, your blog subscribers are your most loyal fans.

Some people buy a magazine in the grocery store if the headline catches their eye. The same goes for people who visit a blog because they saw a retweet of a post that caught their interest.

Some will buy a magazine off the rack every month, sometimes forgetting, but still reading regularly. For blogs, these are the equivalent of the people who make a mental note to check out a site every day or a few times a week, but who sometimes forget when life gets crazy.

Magazine subscribers, however, make a commitment and put their money where their mouth is. The reasons vary: they love the magazine and want to support it, they don't want to forget to buy a copy, they don't want the hassle of going to the store every week or month. Blog subscribers are the same way: they want to keep their blog reading more organized, they don't want to forget to visit, they don't want to miss a new post when life gets busy.

There are a few exceptions, a notable one being graphic designers. Graphic designers will tend to visit blogs directly for the aesthetic each individual site provides.

How people subscribe also comes into play. If given a choice, Gen Xers will often choose to subscribe via email. Millennials are comfortable with email, but prefer other social tools, such as Google Reader or Feedly, to keep their blog subscriptions organized and separate.

One caveat: if a millennial bride or groom is doing the majority of their planning at work and their workplace blocks access to blogs and social media, many will opt to sign up for the blogs they love via email so that they can still read them at work.

When you're structuring your blog, offer subscriptions through both options (Google's Feedburner makes this easy, free, and offers RSS analytics) so that people can sign up according to their preference. Making the process of getting addicted to what you have to offer more convenient will mean more people giving you permission to be a part of their daily routine.

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