Celebrating Milestones

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Yesterday someone tweeted something along the lines of "Why are we celebrating that 1 in 5 Senators are women when 1 in 2 Americans are women?"

It's okay to celebrate progress. Does celebrating a milestone mean the work is done or we've arrived at where we want to be? No, it is simply a way of recognizing forward movement and the people who have worked hard to get us to where we are now.

This mindset applies to everything, not just societal issues or politics. Maybe you don't have your dream studio space yet, but you were able to upgrade from a spare bedroom in your home to a shared office space. Maybe you're not yet at your dream price point, but you were still able to increase your prices and take fewer clients last year without hurting your revenue. Maybe your dream of being published in Vogue hasn't happened yet, but a local magazine featured your work.

All of these milestones are worth celebrating. If we don't celebrate the increments, it makes the journey joyless and tiresome.

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