DIY PR Blogging Calendar for 2013 Holidays

Friday, December 21, 2012

With 2013 right around the corner and almost everyone in a season of working on their business while weddings have slowed down a bit, I wanted to share a DIY PR tip that is simple but often overlooked.

One of the PR perks that people in the event industry have is that you can create a reason to celebrate around nearly any holiday or special occasion. There is no shortage of ideas for blog posts or morning lifestyle TV segments. How does a parent take the best photos with their regular non-pro camera of their kids opening gifts on Christmas morning? How can you glam up a book swap party for Read Across America Day? What are some no-fail Vegan recipe ideas for Easter brunch? What are some fun ways kids can get involved in the Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service?

People often miss these opportunities not because they don't blog about their ideas, but because they blog too late. Many will wait until the week of or the day before a holiday to share ideas on how to celebrate, but most people have started planning well before that.

DIY PR Blog Calendar 2013 Holidays

A good rule of thumb for blogging holiday ideas is to start at least a month in advance. This gives time for search engines to index your posts and also allows people who aren't waiting until the day before to plan to find ideas and become familiar with your brand, if they're not already. It also allows people to start pinning your ideas and work much earlier, giving your ideas and brand a better chance of reaching more people.

With this in mind, the forever talented Kelly Ashworth whipped up a blogging calendar (in this coming year's official Pantone Colors, of course) for the major holidays in 2013. You'll notice that the dates noted aren't the holidays themselves, but rather a date four weeks prior so you can be sure that your ideas get published in time to get noticed.

To download and print the calendar above, simply click this link. It will take you to a high resolution Flickr file that you can print off. It will print as an 8.5x11 calendar you can hang near your desk.

Happy blog planning and here's to a Splendid 2013!

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