The Trophy Kids at Work

Monday, December 17, 2012

Last week I shared that my presentation at Engage!12 was called "The Trophy Kids at Work" and was about millennials and their habits and values in the workplace. Laziness is a character flaw and exists in every generation, so when people define millennials as lazy or unmotivated what is really happening is a failure to understand the roots behind how this generation makes decisions. It is much easier to slap an incorrect label on something than to take the time to admit and learn differences.

I received the below email today from Kara at Love This Day Events regarding my presentation last week and she was kind enough to allow me to share it here. She obviously made my day by sending it, but more so I think it shows how quickly things can turn around when a person allows themselves to be open to new ideas and information and decides to take action.


22 minutes and you single handedly changed how I communicate and relate to my assistant - she is now (as of 2 hours after you spoke at Engage) an associate planner. A member of my team.

Whenever I heard people talk about millennials thinking differently - I thought - pshaw (yes, I actually said pshaw), I was born in 1975 - how could there be that much of a gap??? Ohhhhhhh, how you opened my eyes.

For months I have been trying to convince Rachel (my AP) to start her own floral business. To have her own ownership in her own company - I thought that was the only way anyone could ever feel empowerment and pride in their work (because that is how it worked for me). She kept stalling and looking for a partner to jump in with. I couldn't understand WHY she needed the partner. When I returned home from Engage - fired up and inspired with so many new ideas, I sat down with Rachel and said - did you really have to sit with your desk in pods at school? Did you really have to have everyone's involvement to finish the task or to get the grade?? Her eyes lit up and she said, "YES! That is exactly why I don't want to do it on my own!!! And I'm a twin so I don't like doing ANYTHING alone!!!" Oh. I never thought of it that way.

Jump ahead 4 days - we are launching a new media project together this spring. We have reworked the sales process for my company and how we bring her on board as a designer for events (because she is a BRILLIANT designer). We are working together in a way that is already knocking my socks off.

All of this was because you gave 22 minutes of insight that was beyond measurable to a few hundred industry peeps. Thank you.

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