Splendid Book Club: Reading Guide for Daring Greatly #readsplendid

Friday, January 04, 2013

If you're participating in the Splendid Book Club and want a little more structure to your reading, you're in luck! Brené Brown, the author of our first book Daring Greatly, has developed a study guide to go along with it.

The study guide is perfect for people who like pre-set questions and prompts to mull over while they're reading. You can download it as a free PDF here. [Edited to add: The original link no longer appears to be working, so you can now download the study guide here.]

I've set up readsplendid.com as an easy-to-remember direct link to all the Splendid Book Club posts on here. Don't forget to share your own insights with the hashtag #readsplendid or on your own blog!

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