Next Book for Splendid Book Club: Leadership Matters #readsplendid

Sunday, March 03, 2013

The next book we'll be reading for the Splendid Book Club is Leadership Matters . . . The CEO Survival Manual: What It Takes To Reach the C-Suite and Stay There by Mike Myatt.

Don't let the full title description fool you -- this book is for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs as well. Everyone who owns a business has been given a leadership platform of some kind, but having the platform and being a good leader are two different things.

This book is a quick read, but full of practical wisdom and insight on leadership. As you can imagine, the word CEO shows up often in the pages. If it makes it easier or more relatable to your specific situation, just substitute the word "owner." You'll find everything still applies.

The original plan was to read one book every two months, but with this last book that proved to be a bit unrealistic, so we're stretching out the reading schedule this time around. It will still be a chapter per week (and shorter chapters), but there will be a little more buffer room for catching up if one week gets totally crazy. If you read quickly, feel free to read ahead. This book club is what you make of it and there are no hard and fast rules.

People from three cities organized in-person book club meet-ups for the last book (Chicago, Atlanta and New York). If you'd like to do one for this book, please post the info on Twitter with the hashtag #readsplendid so that others can join in as well.

We'll be starting officially on March 18th to give everyone some time to order the book. It's available on Kindle and in print (note: if you have an iPad, you can download the free Kindle app which will allow you to read Kindle books). Here is the full reading schedule:

Week of March 18th: Preface and Chapter 1
Week of March 24: Chapter 2
Week of March 31: Chapter 3
Week of April 7: Chapter 4
Week of April 14: Chapter 5
Week of April 21: Chapter 6
Week of April 28: Chapter 7
Week of May 5: Chapter 8
Week of May 12: Chapter 9 and Postscript
Week of May 19: Catch up if needed
Week of May 26: Catch up if needed

Don't forget to share insights that stand out to you on your blog or via Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #readsplendid.

You can order the book here (please note, there are several books with the title Leadership Matters, you want the one by Mike Myatt).

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