Premium Wedding Budget Statistics Now Available!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2012 wedding statistics

The Premium Wedding Budgets Report is now available from Splendid Insights! The Premium budget segment represents couples who spent between $31,000 and $95,000 on their 2012 wedding, not including the honeymoon.

The Premium budget segment represented 22% of weddings worldwide in 2012, down from 28% in 2011. This is the only budget segment that saw a decrease in spending. In this respect it is following overall economic patterns we're seeing in other parts of life: the lower and higher ends are increasing but the middle is decreasing. As far as weddings are concerned however, it is only the upper middle segment that saw decreased spending last year.

For our purposes, we divide wedding budgets into four segments: Economical ($10,000 or less), Standard ($11,000 - $30,000), Premium ($31,000 - $95,000) and Luxury ($96,000 or greater). Along with the Premium wedding budget report, the Luxury wedding budget report is currently available for purchase and we will be releasing the Economical and Standard reports soon. You can read more about how we chose the budget segment names here.

You can purchase the Premium Wedding Budgets Report here.

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