How Mad Men Inspired My Business by @CameronEClark

Monday, March 17, 2014

Today's guest expert is Cameron Clark of Cameron & Kelly Studio

Admittedly, I watched the first episode of Mad Men for the mid-century costume design and quickly fell in love with everything about these advertising executives and their lives. Between smoking two packs a day and drinking Scotch on the half hour, I spent the first season skeptical about their work ethic. During the second season, I started paying closer attention to how these men (ahem, and Peggy) dealt with their clients: with a good old fashion handshake. I found myself thinking Don is really lucky he’s not distracted by the iPods, iPads, iPhones, iMacs, texting, and surfing the World Wide Web. When he is not answering his phone, an actual person takes a message and delivers it to him.

That’s what we’re missing in our daily business -- the actual people. The digital world has brought us so many advantages. Yet even though I know how you take your coffee from your Instagram feed, I will find out so much more if we actually go to breakfast. I will see what you are having for breakfast but more importantly I’ll inadvertently observe how you ordered it, how you sit in your chair and how you make small talk. I’ll have a better grasp on your integrity depending on how you treat the server. I’ll know how you will interact with my clients by our table conversation. Even if we never speak about our businesses, these personal interactions are valuable because they create trust. Ask yourself if you providing the opportunity for your clients to interact with you.

In this digital age we’ve lost the personal exchanges that psychologists say we need as human beings. Rather than chat with our perfectly good our neighbor in 16D, we’ll crouch over our phone to see the latest Facebook comment. The online social exchange scratches the itch but to what end? Believe me, I love Twitter just as much as the next girl but I encourage you to turn those cross-country tweets into face time. Harness the power of a dinner conversation and order a round of Vodka tonics while you’re at it. You will see positive change in your business relationships faster than a retweet.

CAMERON CLARK has fourteen years experience as a professional photographer. She owns Cameron & Kelly Studio, a boutique photography studio which she recently redecorated in a mid-century modern style complete with a Scotch bar. Clark lives a small town life with big city business. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter, but to find out what she’s really made of take her out to drinks and dinner.

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