Splendid Sundays Volume 155

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A handful of splendid finds from around the worldwide web:

*Amazon's Wholesale Slaughter: Jeff Bezos' $8 Trillion B2B Bet "There’s one thing Bezos hasn’t been talking about: AmazonSupply, an e-commerce site targeting the unsexy but hugely lucrative wholesale and distribution market." [Forbes]

*From the Runway to Silicon Valley: Why Fashion is the Next Big Thing in VC "Fashion and apparel is a multi-trillion dollar market that . . . is ripe for disruption."

*NPR's Nina Totenberg on Leaning In and the Challenge of Living "If I dress like a schlump, I think like a schlump and I work like a schlump. It's not just a presentation to the world . . . it's a presentation to myself. I spend money on clothes." [The Wall Street Journal]

*China wants to build an 8000 mile underwater train to America. "Chinese officials are considering a route that would . . . connect Beijing to the United States." [The Washington Post]

From the Splendid Archives: How I got started as an entrepreneur

Recent wedding job postings:
Full Time Wedding Designer at Dazzling Details (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)
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