The Most Important Part of Branding

Monday, May 05, 2014

If you want to increase brand loyalty, make sure that every aspect of your process bestows dignity on the person on the receiving end. Dignity comes in many shapes and forms and can be as simple as:

*making people feel heard
*making people feel important
*making people feel smart
*making people feel beautiful
*making people feel worthwhile
*making people feel empowered
*making people feel wanted

Delayed emails, phone calls, poor customer service, super long turn-around times, apathetic sales associates. coming unprepared to meetings make people feel small, unimportant, not a priority.

Letterpress is pretty and a strong visual identity is important in building a brand, but all of these wind up being Band-Aid solutions if you're not in the habit of making others feel important.

Originally published December 2012

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