The Person At The Top

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

If you're considering aligning with a company, look at the person at the top. Are they committed to putting people first and treating them with dignity? How do they handle tough choices? Do they push back until an original concept is born or are they okay with knocking people off? How are they at listening? Are they committed to being life-long learners? How do they treat other people's assistants? Do they write others off based on an assumption or do they actively practice conflict resolution? Do they blog a message of integrity but then encourage you to take an unethical opportunity just because it's lucrative?

People and companies will make mistakes and errors in judgment. No one's perfect and expecting someone to be is an exhausting way to live. Yet if a person who treats you well consistently treats others poorly, take that to heart. A fish rots from the head down. It doesn't matter who a company's advisors are, where their funding comes from, what their process looks like or how many stellar employees they have -- the person at the top is the one who drives company culture and the one you are actually tying yourself to. Choose wisely.

Originally published January 2013

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