Credibility, Dignity and the Millennial Client

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In a world saturated with information and millions of status updates every second, millennials prefer to purchase from brands that offer credibility and personal dignity. They purchase not for the prestige a company brings, but to show off their ability to make good decisions. They want their friends and peers to be able to look at them and the brands they align themselves with and tell right away that they are smart and responsible.

Your marketing will be the most successful when you make honoring and increasing the dignity of others your primary goal. How does your brand make people feel? Empowered, smart, pretty, confident, important? Belittled, dumb, embarrassed, overlooked, not worth remembering?

Take this a step further: how does your brand make people feel once they're dealing with your customer service team? Empowered, heard, validated, confident, important? Belittled, a line-item on a to-do list, dumb, embarrassed, overlooked, not worth remembering?

And their interactions once they've been a customer or client for a while? Are they still treated with the devotion given when you were recruiting them? Or is the customer now just another number in your database, which your customer service team hasn't been trained to pay attention to, or worse, passes the buck back to in the form of homework because they don't know how to solve the problem themselves?

Attracting new clients costs you five times as much as it does to keep your existing ones. Don't put all of your eggs in the shiny marketing basket while leaving your customer service team underdeveloped, undertrained and unpolished.

Credibility and dignity need to be bestowed on your clients at every touchpoint in the entire process. Yes, millennials are a tougher customer. They're also expected to outspend the previous generations in every budget category within the next three years.

Millennials may not be loyal to brands, but they are most certainly loyal to the people who treat them like people.

A version of this post was originally published September 2012

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