On Adding Good Habits

Friday, September 19, 2014

Last year I made a New Year's resolution to have more than a cup of coffee for breakfast every morning. For the most part, my breakfasts over the past 21 months have been pretty simple: a bowl of flaxseed oatmeal. A hard-boiled egg and toast with jam. Cottage cheese with berries.

The benefits of adding this good thing to my life have been simple yet meaningful. I drink less coffee. I have more energy throughout the day. I think more clearly. And a vain favorite: by adding a meal I usually skipped I started losing weight almost immediately.

None of this should be shocking. All of the things that people have always said about breakfast are true. I just took the first dozen or so years of my adult life to finally make it a habit.

We usually know what we need to do to make major transformation happen, we just tend to ignore it in search of something flashier.

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