On Mentors

Monday, September 29, 2014

One of my first mentors and very favorite people on the planet, a woman named Linda, passed away yesterday.

Linda loved people deeply even when they were being unlovable, including me. She wasn't afraid to call people out on their BS, including me. She believed that women's rights are human rights and worked as a midwife in Afghanistan for 35 years serving women not welcome in the main hospitals. She refused to strip a person's dignity by pretending they were defined by their circumstances or who they knew. She taught me that faith and critical thinking go hand-in-hand. Her relationship with her husband taught me how to fight fair and gave me a guidepost for how a healthy marriage can look. She had the best laugh and never rationed it.

None of us are truly self-made and it is wise to learn from the hard-earned wisdom of others. Some mentors work well for a season and some will be in your life for years. Some come into your life when you’re young and others are added as you get older.

Find people you respect and allow them to intentionally speak into your life. The world will be richer for it.

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