Splendid Sundays Volume 167

Sunday, February 01, 2015

A handful of splendid finds from around the worldwide web:

Disney to feature first Latina princess on preschool channel. "'Elena of Avalor' features traditions that are familiar to the worldwide population of Hispanic and Latino families." [Bloomberg]

How a kosher wine became a hip-hop staple: "It’s not surprising Bartenura Moscato’s new slogan is Out of the Blue—that’s perhaps the best way to describe the OU-certified kosher wine’s transformation from Shabbat dinner staple to nightclub drink of choice." [Tablet]

At 90, she's designing tech for aging boomers. "And for the bulging demographic of baby boomers growing old, Beskind has this advice: Embrace change and design for it." [NPR]

Why I am not a maker. "Making is not a rebel movement, scrappy individuals going up against the system. While the shift might be from the corporate to the individual . . . it mostly re-inscribes familiar values, in slightly different form: that artifacts are important, and people are not." [The Atlantic]

Noteworthy from The Splendid Collective:

The 2015 Global Wedding Study General Report, the 2015 Luxury Wedding Market Report (budgets of $96,000 or higher), and the 2015 Premium Wedding Market Report (budgets of $31,000-95,000) from Splendid Insights are now available for download.

Currently reading: The Better Angels of Our Nature from A Year of Books. Also read The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe and re-read The Extraordinary Nature of Ordinary Things this past week.

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