Secrets of Public Speaking :: No. 10

Monday, March 09, 2015

If you’re traveling for a speaking engagement, one of the most difficult things to control is the food. If you’re like me, you need some type of protein at breakfast.

Often event producers have budget restrictions so breakfasts provided at conferences tend to be super sugary or carb-heavy, as those are the less expensive catering options. If there is protein offered, it’s usually in the form of meat, which isn’t helpful to vegetarians. Similarly any snacks included in gift bags are typically good for a sugar rush, but not for nutritional value.

I’ve eaten who-knows-what out of a hotel vending machine for dinner at 1 am because everything was closed after I’ve arrived and the hotel stopped serving room service at midnight. Because of this, I now have a habit of always packing protein bars whenever I travel. I also make sure I schedule enough time to order a room service breakfast of eggs (and coffee) on the mornings I speak.

If you have food restrictions or need a certain type of food to be on your game, be sure to make your own arrangements. Even if it’s in your contract, this is something that's too important to leave up to others.

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