Splendid Sundays Volume 176

Sunday, April 05, 2015

A handful of splendid finds from around the worldwide web:

The number of WhatsApp messages sent daily now exceeds the number of standard texts. "Last year it handled more than 7 trillion messages, about 1,000 per person." [The Economist]

How one knitter makes almost $1 million a year on Etsy. "Without an advertising budget, ThreeBirdNest promotes instead through social media and word-of-mouth." [Fast Company]

The NFL hires its first full-time female referee. [ThinkProgress]

Why comfort food comforts. "When we think about something like comfort food, we tend to think about it as providing calories or warmth or a sense of well-being . . . but what we don’t think about is that comfort food also provides something social to us." [The Atlantic]

Noteworthy from The Splendid Collective:

The 2015 UK Wedding Study from Splendid Insights is now available for download, along with the Premium and Luxury wedding budget reports.

Quotable: "Tension is subtle and sometimes you don’t know you’re tense, you just know that everyone around you is annoying." — Steven Melemis

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