Splendid Sundays Volume 178

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A handful of splendid finds from around the worldwide web:

The right dose of exercise for a longer life. "The sweet spot for exercise benefits, however, came among those who . . . worked out moderately, mostly by walking, for a little more than an hour per day." [The New York Times]

Traditional books on paper open a new chapter of success. "As the expansion of ebook sales slow down, enthusiasm for both paperbacks and hardcovers remains strong." [The Guardian]

10 body language secrets of highly successful people. "Oddly enough, crossing your arms will make you stick with an "unsolvable" problem a lot longer and will make you perform better on solvable problems." [Inc]

Designing for disability. "Could stylish canes and other assistive devices help ease the stigma attached to using them?" [The New Yorker]

Noteworthy from The Splendid Collective:

The 2015 UK Wedding Study from Splendid Insights is now available for download, along with the Premium and Luxury wedding budget reports.

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