7 Tips For Finding The Perfect Employee or Intern

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The original job board for the wedding industry, FindAWeddingJob.com, has relaunched with an easier to use platform.

When I originally launched FindAWeddingJob.com, the idea was to give artistic business owners a place to list job openings that was affordable (most job boards start around $250 for 30 days), that was specific to people with artistic skills, and that would get the opening out to a wide audience so that an entrepreneur wouldn't have to rely on hiring from a small pool of well-meaning but not necessarily qualified friends of friends or people who may follow their Instagram feed. I've heard from countless companies who have used it over the years that it works and I'm excited to relaunch it in an easier to use format.

Here are seven tips to boost the success of your listing:

1. Make your job title specific.
The listings on the wedding job board cross post to a dozen plus other mainstream job boards, including LinkedIn, so you'll want to make sure that people reading the listing on those sites know exactly what type of position they're looking at. For example, instead of saying "Planning Assistant" you'll want to say "Wedding Planning Assistant" or "Event Planning Assistant".

2. Where possible, include a salary range.
People looking for a job generally want an idea of what they'll be earning so that they know if applying for the job is even worth their time. They don't want to waste their time, and they usually don't want to waste yours either. Even saying "Salary DOE" is better than not saying anything at all.

3. Include details of what the job will entail.
Millennials (the generation born between 1979-2000) especially want to know that a job will be making the most of their skills, so let them know the requirements up front. This will cut down on weeding through unqualified applications for you and can help lessen employee turnover.

4. Be realistic in your expectations.
The point of internships is to learn a skill set. Expecting a candidate to have tons of experience in several different areas when they are either in or fresh out of college is not realistic and will result in fewer qualified resumes crossing your desk.

5. Look for people who are qualified for the job you are trying to fill.
Sounds like a no brainer, but people make this mistake all the time and it ends up costing them quite a bit. If you need an amazing administrative assistant, then hire someone who is fantastic at admin. Hiring someone who wants to someday be a wedding florist to file papers and coordinate schedules will result in having an employee whose heart is not in the job they were hired for.

6. Tweet or retweet your job listing.
All of the job listings get auto-tweeted to the @weddingjobs Twitter account. The people who retweet their listings get much more traffic to their listing because the post is being seen by people passionate about weddings who either are looking for a new job or for a way to get their foot in the door.

7. Time your listing to include as many Mondays as possible.
Each listing lasts for 30 days, and while the wedding job board sees a few thousand visitors each day (not including all the cross-posts on the other job boards), Mondays get the most traffic. Having your listing live for as many Mondays as possible in your 30 day window gives you an advantage.

If you're looking for an employee or an intern you can't live without, give FindAWeddingJob.com a try. The listings are just $29 for 30 days and the site has been used by Brides/Condé Nast, Martha Stewart Weddings, Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Simplesong Design, Belle Fleur New York, and many others to find talented employees and interns.

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