Splendid Sundays Volume 184

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A handful of splendid finds from around the worldwide web:

15 ways extroverts can be even better parents to their introverted kids. "It’s not unusual for extroverted parents to worry about their introverted children and even wonder if their behavior is mentally and emotionally healthy . . . Many introverted children, however, are not depressed or anxious at all. They behave in the way they do because of their innate temperament. The more you embrace their natural introverted nature, the happier your child will be." [Quiet Revolution]

Patagonia's anti-growth strategy. "The company’s anti-materialistic stance ramped up on Black Friday, 2011, with a memorable full-page advertisement in the Times that read, 'Don’t Buy This Jacket.'" [The New Yorker]

Fashion in Saudi Arabia: the couture-buyer beneath the abaya. "The kingdom comes 17th in this year’s Global Retail Development Index, a ranking of the hottest developing markets . . . Flashy shoes, sunglasses and handbags are especially popular since these are the bits women can show off in public. Sales of racy lingerie, which is invisible under an abaya, are sizzling." [The Economist]

Scott Neeson: from Hollywood executive to philanthropist. "An 86-year-old Cambodian woman grabbed Scott Neeson’s hand to lead him over to where three young children were on a garbage heap, gravely ill with typhoid. Then his cellphone rang; at the other end was a major actor complaining that his private jet didn’t have the right amenities on board . . . At that moment, Mr. Neeson realized that it was time to give up his job as president of Sony Pictures for his charity work . . . He soon left behind his $1 million a year salary and sold his Porsche, yacht and home." [The Wall Street Journal]

Noteworthy from The Splendid Collective:

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