Splendid Sundays Volume 185

Sunday, June 21, 2015

This week's Splendid Sundays post is a little different in light of the horrific tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina this past week. If you, like many others, are feeling helpless and would like to support the families of the victims of Wednesday evening's domestic terrorist attack, here is one meaningful way you can show tangible support:

The mayor of Charleston has announced the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund, which will help cover funeral and burial costs, counseling services, and other related expenses for the victims and their families.

Giving money — regardless of the amount — may not seem like doing much, but the relief of unexpected financial stress can help the families focus on the other areas of acute stress that this tragedy has brought into their lives. Having one less (major) thing to think about can help give the families more emotional and mental space to grieve.

Donations can be made to to the fund at any Wells Fargo bank location, online, or through texting prayforcharleston to (843) 606-5995.

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