Splendid Sundays Volume 190

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Katie + Ken  /  Photo: Riverbend Studio
A handful of splendid finds from around the worldwide web:

How companies can help their employees accomplish major bucket list items. "What is on the list is far less interesting than the idea of living well — living the life you really want." [YNAB]

My wedding was perfect — and I was fat as hell the whole time. "As a fat woman, if you ask for help or guidance on almost any topic, what you inevitably hear is some version of 'Take up less space' . . . Can’t make your body smaller? Hide your body . . . Well, I don’t hide any more in my everyday life, and I definitely wasn’t going to hide at my wedding." [The Guardian]

Explaining graphic design to four year olds. "I was surprised by two things: how readily most of the kids understood what design was for, and how they can express things through it; and also, for someone who specialises in explaining things to a target audience, how it took me doing a talk to children, to force me to confront my own profession, and explain its value in clear terms." [Medium]

How one woman ate no processed food for an entire year. "For me, it’s thinking about where your food dollars are going. It’s less about the food than it is about the systems around the food. Try to support companies that deserve your money; go to local stores and farmers’ markets, buy from companies that have an ethos that matches your values, whatever they may be." [Bon Appétit]

Sunday Snapshot: Katie + Ken
Photography: Riverbend Studio  /  Planning + Design: Engaging Events by Ali  /  Floral: The Flower Firm  /  Venue: St. James Chapel  /  Stationery: Yellow Bird Stationery  /  Wedding Film: Xpress Video Productions  /  Music: Larry King Orchestra
See the full wedding and read their story at Style Me Pretty.

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