7 Thoughts on Giving and Generosity

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Life isn’t black and white, but erring on the side of generosity makes it easier to navigate. Here are seven thoughts on giving and generosity:

1. Generous people change the world, not because of what or how much they give but because they are doers and see possibility where others don’t. It is impossible to have an open mind and a closed fist.

2. Gratitude always precedes generosity. If you want to be more generous, start by counting your blessings. Literally write them down on paper, in an app or use Instagram as a gratitude journal.

3. You learn to swim by swimming. You learn to be generous by giving. A person’s giving grows in stages. Start small: $1 or 1% per order or client. Donate items to non-profit organizations instead of using a trade-in program or reselling.

4. If you want to make a bigger impact, put your subconscious to work with the question: what can I do this week to add good to the lives of others?

5. 90% of millennials will switch their spending to a company that is more socially responsible. Non-gimmicky, authentic generosity can help business growth.

6. The “you get what you get and should be grateful” mentality is not generosity. True generosity considers the benefit and impact to all sides and never strips another of dignity.

7. It is impossible to be truly generous if you cannot also receive graciously. The latter frees the former from hubris.

Originally published April 2013

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