Splendid Sundays Volume 201

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Real wedding in Charleston  |  Photo by Juliet Elizabeth Photography  |  ThinkSplendid.com
Helen + Earl  |  Photo by Juliet Elizabeth Photography
A handful of splendid finds from around the worldwide web:

Want to learn a new skill? Faster? Change how you practice. "When practicing and learning a new skill, making slight changes during repeat practice sessions may help people master the skill faster than practicing the task in precisely the same way." [John Hopkins Medicine]

How Facebook and other social media is deepening our relationships. "When I catch up with a friend, we aren't starting from scratch — I already saw her vacation photos on Instagram and noticed her new job on LinkedIn. So instead of asking for the newsreel, we can quickly dive into the substantive stuff." [Refinery29]

How 'House Hunters' became the most unstoppable juggernaut on TV. "To the astonishment of rival networks, "House Hunters" remains one of the most unlikely and unstoppable juggernauts on TV. The show last year aired a staggering 447 new episodes — far more than the typical 12-to-22-episode cable season — and helped HGTV become one of the most-watched cable networks in America." [The Washington Post]

Millennials are outpacing everyone else in retirement savings. "Millennials have shown the greatest increase in their savings rate compared with any other generation . . . the typical 20-something is now stashing away 7.5% of income vs. just 5.8% in 2013." [Fortune]

Sunday Snapshot: Helen + Earl
Photography: Juliet Elizabeth Photography  |  Planning: WED Charleston  |  Floral: Sarah York Grimshaw Designs  |  Cake: Sugar Bakeshop Charleston  |  Venue: Lowndes Grove Plantation  | Music: Big Blast and The Party Masters
See more of this wedding at Carats & Cake.

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