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Monday, January 25, 2016

If you're new to Think Splendid, here's the skinny on what it's all about. If you're a regular, consider it a little stroll down memory lane.

Think Splendid is the consulting arm of The Splendid Collective, a family of business-to-business brands that empower the wedding and lifestyle industries. The blog focuses on what I consult on and what I speak on at conferences, in my classes and workshops, and in leading company retreats: the intersection of business and consumer behavior and how a more strategic understanding of this area can help you make more money. I also talk about areas that overlap and impact entrepreneurs (global economic trends, the dynamics of how we see the world and how that affects creativity, and so on.) While this is not a personal blog in the sense that you won't find me posting favorite recipes or photos of my family, I definitely share my personal opinions on the things I write about. While I do research and fact check everything that I publish here, this is not a journalistic style blog with unbiased reporting. It is me and my take on things.

As such, you are welcome to chime in on the conversations here in the comments section below each post. Feel free to agree, disagree, and share your own experience and opinions. Comments are moderated to ensure that I see them, but they do get approved. Aside from obvious spam, the only comments that meet the delete key are ones with excessive profanity (it is a diverse readership here and I want to respect that) or that are libelous, inflammatory, or irrational attacks on another reader. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face while sitting at my kitchen table, you can't say it in the comments section here.

In the archives, you'll find a few thousand posts on topics like marketing to millennials and Generation Y and wedding marketing. Juli Smith, who now works in the wedding industry after working as a public relations strategist in the White House and in Congress, wrote a great series for Think Splendid on how to do your own PR.

Other brands in the The Splendid Collective include Splendid Insights, an unbiased wedding market research firm that provides wedding statistics and insights, as well as, the wedding job board that links creative businesses with employees they can't live without. Form + Function, which provided legally compliant, professional-grade human resources materials to companies with less than 100 employees, was sold successfully in September 2013 and is no longer part of The Splendid Collective.

If you don't want to miss any updates from Think Splendid, you can subscribe via RSS here (if you use something like Feedly) or you can also sign up to get new blog posts delivered straight to your email inbox. Think Splendid no longer has a business Facebook page, but you can follow along on TwitterPinterest or Instagram. The Think Splendid blog takes a much more curated approach and I use the other social media platforms as more of a catch-all for things and topics I find interesting.

You can learn more about my business background here and little bit about me personally here. You also read some of the feedback from clients and class participants here.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has read over the years and allowed me to do something I love. I am always floored when I find out who is reading and I am incredibly grateful to all of you.

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