Learning To Trust Yourself

Friday, May 20, 2016

Trust is built with consistency.

If we want to trust ourselves more — our gut, our intuition — then we need to trust that we have the capacity to create something of beauty, to make things better, to change the world.

Yes, we allow others to limit us, but mostly we limit ourselves. When we consistently hear ourselves say, "I'm not X" or "I can't do Y," we are building the wrong kind of trust. We are trusting that we are not someone we may actually be or that we cannot do something we have the potential to.

What if — for one week, or even just one day — we cut all self-limiting talk? Cut out all the "I'm nots" and "I can'ts." Refused to downplay our success or work (no more "my little company" or "this old thing?"). Accepted compliments graciously rather than trying to live up to a twisted definition of what it means to be humble (true humility doesn't hide its gifts).

This isn't about deluding ourselves, but about allowing space to separate fact from fiction. When we can consistently start believing that the experiences we've faced are worth something, we can start trusting ourselves more.

Originally published April 2012

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