Finding Lost Time for Creativity

Friday, September 02, 2016

One of the most toxic things is trying to justify other people's success. Just do your thing and let them do theirs.

Justifying or minimizing someone else's success often comes in the form of a statement like, "Jane can accomplish that because she has X, Y, and Z – whereas I only have Y and Z." This way of thinking and living is debilitating. 

What could you accomplish if you channeled even a fraction of the energy you spend on being bitter towards someone else because they were seemingly dealt a better hand, or because others "Don't know what Jane is really like"? 

Spending 15 minutes per day – ten minutes here, five minutes there – hate-following someone on Instagram or Facebook is 91 hours per year. That's more than two 40-hour work weeks spent focusing on the negative. Over two weeks of creativity lost because of misplaced focus.

What could you create with even just 10% of that energy and time if it were focused on making YOU better?

The original version of this post was published June 2009.

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