The Well-Paid Wedding Pro: The 100+ Page Guide

wedding business pricing guide.png

I'm thrilled to announce that ‘The Well-Paid Wedding Pro: Profitable Pricing Strategies’ is being released as a 100+ page guide on November 1st!

The guide is my conference talk on the same topic, but expanded. In The Well-Paid Wedding Pro, you’ll find:

  • What works (and what doesn’t) for each industry segment (no more trying to make planner or photographer pricing models fit your floral business, etc).
  • How to price for celeb clients (and pitfalls to avoid).
  • The pros and cons of working for free, for trade, for press/exposure, etc.
  • Money mindset and common “hangups” people have when setting their rate.
  • Cross-cultural considerations when talking about money (negotiating expectations, etc).
  • The differing stages & opportunities wedding pros can choose to pursue (mass market vs luxury, licensing, franchising, wholesale, speaking or appearance fees, etc).
  • Kickbacks, commissions, finder’s fees, price fixing, and other controversial pricing methods common in the industry.

This guide is everything I know about pricing for the wedding industry. EVERYTHING. No gimmicks: No holding back info so you hire me as your business consultant to learn the rest. No bait and switch to get you to buy something else. No signing up for an email list you can never seem to get off of. Just valuable strategies and insights you can use to make your business more splendid.

(Also, I should note: while I am an optimist and all for dreaming big, you will not find any “just say it and the universe will manifest it” type advice here. If that’s your thing, great! Others have produced lots of resources with that focus for you to study up on. The Well-Paid Wedding Pro offers a different approach.)

The full 100+ page guide will be available November 1, 2018!