The Well-Paid Wedding Pro

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I'm excited to share that I'll be speaking at the Coterie Retreat in Bermuda this year. The Coterie Retreat is the wedding industry conference produced by the brilliant team at Munaluchi Bride, and focuses on companies who work with couples in the multicultural wedding market. Most of the attendees work in the Premium, Luxury, and Ultra Luxury segments of the wedding market and come from around the world. If you work in (or want to break into) the multicultural and/or destination wedding markets, this is the conference for you.

This year's event will be held in December at the iconic Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Bermuda's only luxury urban resort – a perfect chance to trade in freezing snow for warm beaches. You can read more about my experience at The Coterie Retreat in Johannesburg, South Africa last year, but suffice to say it was one of my favorite conferences I've ever participated in.

The entire experience was unpretentious, encouragement was candid and authentic, every speaker shared useful, practical knowledge (Preston Bailey even shared a spreadsheet with cost and pricing breakdowns from one of his events), and because it's limited to just 100ish people, it's the perfect setting to network and make new industry friends while never feeling overlooked or left out.

A perfect spot at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess to recharge and make plans for your 2019 wedding season. Photo via  @PrincessBermuda .

A perfect spot at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess to recharge and make plans for your 2019 wedding season. Photo via @PrincessBermuda.

My session this year is called “The Well-Paid Wedding Pro: Profitable Pricing Strategies.” As a wedding industry business consultant, pricing is the number one question I get asked about from clients, conference attendees, and wedding professionals from around the world, and this talk is designed to give you real-world, tried and true strategies. No hypotheticals, no “it worked once and then never again” theories, and no “here is how Starbucks does it, just copy them” not-so-useful advice.
I’ll be demystifying the “How do I charge so that I can actually make real money and have a life” question as well as the “WTF happened? No one wants to pay my rate anymore and it never used to be a problem” situation.

We’ll cover what works (and what doesn’t) for each industry segment (no more trying to make planner or photographer pricing models fit your floral business, etc), different norms you’ll face in multi-cultural and destination markets (comfort levels around talking about money, negotiating expectations, etc), as well as the various stages and opportunities you might be considering pursuing (mass market vs luxury, licensing, franchising, wholesale, etc).

And of course no wedding pricing conversation would be complete without discussing that hot button topic: kickbacks.
If you’d like to get your pricing straight – and enjoy some of that Bermuda sunshine – visit for more info and to register and follow them on Instagram to see the rest of the speaker line up announcements. Can’t wait to see you there!