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Increase Your Sales in 2017 + Get Back to Being Creative

Photo by Nancy Ray

Photo by Nancy Ray

Five new wedding market research reports for 2017 are now available from Splendid Insights! Our 2017 reports include bridal statistics and wedding facts from over 15,000 couples who married in 2016 and are designed to help you increase your wedding sales and get back to being creative. 

The 2017 Global Wedding Market Report is available as well as the 2017 reports for all four wedding budget segments.

Here are some high-level points of interest from the Global Wedding Market Report:

  • While luxury weddings decreased relative to the global wedding market this past year (they accounted for 4% of the total market, down from 7% in 2015), the spending at the higher end of the luxury category increased, with million dollar weddings accounting for 10% of luxury wedding spend, up from 7% the year before.
  • Nearly 1 in 6 couples (14%) are using Snapchat in their wedding planning process, and nearly 1 in 4 (24%) are using Instagram. Pinterest is still the most popular social platform (61%) for finding and sharing wedding ideas and hiring wedding professionals. 
  • The top five words couples used to describe how they wanted their weddings were: Feminine (63%), Comfortable (46%), Fun (43%), Meaningful (40%), and Spiritual (39%).

At Splendid Insights, we present real wedding budgets in four segments: Economical ($10,000 or less)Standard ($11,000 - $30,000)Premium ($31,000 - $95,000), and Luxury ($96,000 or greater). By not simply lumping real wedding budgets into two categories (average wedding and luxury wedding), these segments paint a more accurate picture of what couples who are spending different amounts value and are looking for in their wedding planning process.

If you currently work on lovely weddings but want to work with higher-end clients, the Premium Wedding Market and Luxury Wedding Market Reports will show you the differences in how couples in those categories approach their weddings.

If your goals for 2017 include developing and launching a product line in stores like Target, the Economical Wedding Market and Standard Wedding Market Reports will give you insights into mass-market weddings.

We'll be adding the UK, Canadian, and Australian reports soon as well as the US report and US regional reports. 

You can download the 2017 wedding market reports here