You Can Do Hard Things

When I think back to the beginning of my business, I’m amazed at how gutsy I was. 

I’m not alone. You were amazingly gutsy, too. 

You took a financial risk. 
You cold-called industry colleagues you wanted to collaborate with. 
You pitched yourself to potential clients with confidence in your talents but against people who had been in the industry for years.
You went to networking events where you knew no one and forced yourself to strike up conversations with people who were already entrenched in their friend groups.
You got on a plane and flew to a conference or trade show, again where you knew no one.
You pitched yourself for press and relished every hit you got, no matter how small.
You put yourself out there daily, not knowing if your marketing or message would resonate with anyone or if they would even care. 

No matter how hard this season of business may be, you can do hard things. You already have.