Trouvaille Workshop

Speaking In Michigan • Trouvaille Workshop

Sunset view from Hotel Walloon • Photo by  Samantha James Photography

Sunset view from Hotel Walloon • Photo by Samantha James Photography

I'm excited to share that I'll be the headline speaker at the Trouvaille workshop this coming May. Created by Rhiannon Bosse of Hey Gorgeous Events, Trouvaille is designed specifically for intermediate wedding planners, designers, and florists who work on lovely weddings mostly in the premium budget range ($31k-$95k) and some in the luxury market ($96k+).

Trouvaille will be held at Walloon Lake in Northern Michigan. The workshop is retreat-style and limited to 12 attendees (Hotel Walloon itself only has 32 rooms) so that everyone can have quality time and real non-surfacey conversations about life and business. The curriculum includes business-focused sessions that go beyond theoretical advice, as well as hands-on design sessions and fireside chats. Other speakers include Shira Savada of Martha Stewart Weddings, Jodi Bos, and Shanna Skidmore, among others.

I'll be teaching on consumer behavior of brides and grooms, sharing some of my proprietary research, and showing you how to apply everything to your real-life processes so that you can strategically grow your business in a way that makes sense for you and your family.

Trouvaille will not be taking place in 2018, so if you've been wanting to attend, this is the year to do so. Registration is open for a couple more weeks, and you can find more information via the link below.


From their website: The Trouvaille Workshop provides a one of a kind educational retreat experience for intermediate wedding planners, designers, and florists from around the world. We offer an intimately prepared space where women come together and take time to pour back into themselves both professionally and personally. We approach the workshop concept a bit differently and hope we have the pleasure of showing you just why we're called the #workshopwithaheart.