#GetSplendid • 008

When you #write like #this in your #Instagram #caption with #hashtags on every #keyword, it does #more than just #look #ugly: it literally tells the reader's brain that you and your brand are exhausting to work with.

Here's why: The visual clutter of the hashtags in your captions slows a person's eye down while reading, causing fatigue. The brain subconsciously associates that fatigue with you and your brand. The potential client may love your work, but for some reason they can't quite pinpoint, they're not entirely comfortable hiring you.

Use your branded hashtags (#GetSplendid, for example) in your caption and save the keyword hashtags for the first comment underneath. You'll still show up in search for those keywords, and you won't be branding your company as exhausting. Win-win. 

#GetSplendid offers tips designed to make your business and life a little more splendid, day by day. Our theme for March is 'Communication.'