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2018 Wedding Statistics From Splendid Insights

The 2018 Wedding Market Reports from Splendid Insights are now available!

There are 17 reports to choose from, including wedding research by country, U.S. state region, wedding budget range, the Indie wedding market, and the same-sex wedding market.

Here are some things to know about this year's wedding market reports:

  • We've changed how we define wedding budgets and have added two new segments: Intimate Weddings with budgets of $1,000 or less (think courthouse weddings or intimate elopements) as well as Ultra Luxury Weddings with budgets of $500,000 or higher. This allows us to take a deeper dive into how people at both ends of the budget spectrum plan for their day.

    Some related good news: luxury wedding spending is climbing back up after having dropped in 2016.

  • One business-related New Year's Resolution that should be on everyone's list is a commitment to stepping up their game in relation to client experience and communication. 91% of couples say that getting an email response within 24 hours or less matters when deciding who to hire, and over half (52%) rank it as "very important."

    Yes, Amazon Prime has raised the bar for every business – big or small – by changing consumer expectations on service with their super fast two-day shipping . . . and that genie is not going back in the bottle.

    Clients may be okay with you taking a little longer with your artistic process, but they are not okay with a slower admin process. Before you blame losing potential clients on price or an uncertain political climate, check your workflow and systems for areas you can improve in.

  • This is the first year we've had Generation Z-ers (born 2001 or later) who are legally married participate in our survey. Yep, just when you began to wrap your head around how millennials plan their weddings, a new group is entering adulthood and starting to get married – and they are very different.

  • While Pinterest and forum boards are still the most popular social media platforms for wedding planning (67% and 59%, respectively), Instagram jumped from fifth to third place, with 58% of brides or grooms (up from 24%) using it to plan their day.

You can download the 2018 Wedding Market Reports by visiting, or clicking the button below.

Image by Nancy Ray Photography, the official photography partner of Splendid Insights.

5 Facts About Luxury Weddings

It's no secret that the luxury wedding market (defined as wedding budgets of $96,000 or more, not including the honeymoon) is a sought after segment of the bridal industry. Working with couples who have higher budgets not only allows wedding professionals more money to work with creatively, but helps many in the industry build sustainable businesses. When there are only 52 weekends in a year to hold the majority of weddings, being able to charge more for services is a strategic option that many pros try to make a reality. If you're one of the wedding professionals working in or wanting to move into the high-end wedding market, here are five facts about luxury weddings that may be useful as you develop and improve on your business and marketing plans:

1. It's not just the parents who are wealthy. 

1 in 5 (22%) of couples who had a luxury wedding last year have an annual household income of over $500,000. 

2. It's not just mom or dad footing the bill. 

More than a third (38%) of couples having a luxury wedding pay for part or all of the wedding themselves. This means that potential wedding budget money is likely competing with other financial priorities: investments, retirement, a new home purchase, and even taking care of other people (1 in 5 millennials are financially responsible for family members outside of their household).

3. Million dollar weddings are a real thing. 

10% of couples having luxury weddings spent a million dollars or more last year, a percentage that actually increased from 2015, believe it or not. While 10% may seem like a small percentage, it's still a significant number of weddings. The competition may be fierce, but there is plenty of work in this ultra-luxe segment to go after. 

4. Pinterest is (still) the most used social media platform among wealthy brides and grooms. (Instagram is number five. Yes, really.)

This is one of those facts that creatives don't like to hear, but just because Pinterest may not be your social platform of choice doesn't make it any less valuable to engaged couples in research mode. Remember, people use social differently when wedding planning than they do in their daily life. These couples may not be DIYing everything, but they are highly educated and do their homework. They will expect you to know everything about every idea they bring to the table, and they will come armed with research. This isn't a knock against you as an expert, it's them trusting that you know even more than they can possibly find online.

5. High-end brides and grooms read both print magazines and wedding blogs. 

1 in 5 (20%) of brides or grooms started reading wedding magazines before they were even engaged, and nearly half (42%) read wedding blogs before getting engaged. It's a lot easier to read blogs on the down low before a ring is on your finger than it is a magazine, but this group does read both print and digital. With this highly educated group, it's important to make sure that your marketing and publicity efforts aren't narrowly focused to just one platform or media outlet. 

You can learn more about the luxury wedding market and how real couples are making their bridal purchase and hiring decisions by downloading the 2017 Luxury Wedding Market Report from Splendid Insights. You can also download the Ultra Luxury Wedding Market Report (budgets of $500,000+) or choose from over a dozen other wedding market reports

Photo by Nancy Ray

New 2017 US Wedding Statistics + Splendid Insights Brand Refresh

Photo by  Nancy Ray

Photo by Nancy Ray

I'm excited to share that to go along with the brand update for Think SplendidSplendid Insights also received its own refresh. You can check it out here.

Special thanks to Kelly Ashworth of Kelly Ashworth Design (check out her new site while you're at it) and to Nancy Ray who is our photography partner for Splendid Insights, supplying the photos you see on the site and in the wedding market reports.

In addition, the 2017 US Wedding Market Report is now available to download! Some highlights include:

  • Luxury weddings in the United States (budgets of $96,000 or higher) made up 3% of total wedding spend last year, down from 6% the year before. 
  • 78% of American couples are paying for part or all of their wedding themselves, up from 72% the year prior.
  • The top three words American brides and grooms used to describe how they wanted their respective weddings to look or feel were feminine, fun, and comfortable – in that order.
  • 1 in 3 brides or grooms read print wedding magazines on a weekly basis while planning their wedding and 10% flipped through a bridal magazine daily.
  • Pinterest is still the top social media platform for wedding planning and Instagram comes in at number five (same as last year, though growing in use).

You can download the 2017 US Wedding Market Report here. You can also view the other 2017 Wedding Market Reports here, including the Global Wedding Market Report, the Australian Wedding Market Report, the UK Wedding Market Report and all four wedding budget segments (Economical, Standard, Premium, and Luxury).