New 2017 US Wedding Statistics + Splendid Insights Brand Refresh

Photo by  Nancy Ray

Photo by Nancy Ray

I'm excited to share that to go along with the brand update for Think SplendidSplendid Insights also received its own refresh. You can check it out here.

Special thanks to Kelly Ashworth of Kelly Ashworth Design (check out her new site while you're at it) and to Nancy Ray who is our photography partner for Splendid Insights, supplying the photos you see on the site and in the wedding market reports.

In addition, the 2017 US Wedding Market Report is now available to download! Some highlights include:

  • Luxury weddings in the United States (budgets of $96,000 or higher) made up 3% of total wedding spend last year, down from 6% the year before. 
  • 78% of American couples are paying for part or all of their wedding themselves, up from 72% the year prior.
  • The top three words American brides and grooms used to describe how they wanted their respective weddings to look or feel were feminine, fun, and comfortable – in that order.
  • 1 in 3 brides or grooms read print wedding magazines on a weekly basis while planning their wedding and 10% flipped through a bridal magazine daily.
  • Pinterest is still the top social media platform for wedding planning and Instagram comes in at number five (same as last year, though growing in use).

You can download the 2017 US Wedding Market Report here. You can also view the other 2017 Wedding Market Reports here, including the Global Wedding Market Report, the Australian Wedding Market Report, the UK Wedding Market Report and all four wedding budget segments (Economical, Standard, Premium, and Luxury).