#GetSplendid • 019

The #GetSplendid theme for May is ‘Generosity.’ While the months of November and December tend to be culturally focused on generosity, this practice tends to drop off the priority list six months later. Soup kitchens are full of volunteers during the holiday months, but usually scramble to find help during the Summer months. Non-profit donations drop during the Summer but spike again at the end of the year when holidays, giving, and tax deductions are at the forefront of our minds. During 20 years of intentionally studying generosity, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that generosity is a muscle and one that grows or stagnates depending on how often it gets used. This month, I’ll be sharing tips on how to strengthen and build generosity into our everyday lives. 

Generosity is a habit, and one that is first developed by noticing opportunities to add good to the lives of others. If you want your subconscious to be working on identifying ways to be more generous while you go about your daily routine, ask yourself the question (out loud), "How can I add good to the lives of others this week?"

You may be surprised at the opportunities to make life easier for someone that seem to pop up out of nowhere. These didn't really come out of nowhere, you're just training yourself to notice them more often by asking yourself this simple question and allowing your brain to get to work.

#GetSplendid offers tips designed to make your business and life a little more splendid, day by day. Our theme for May is ‘Generosity.’