#GetSplendid • 005

One of the complaints I hear often from wedding professionals is that their clients text them at all times of day or night. My first question is always, "Did you ever tell them not to?"

Your clients aren't mind readers, and they don't know how you have your business and personal life set up. If you don't want clients to text you at 11 pm, you can tell them that you respond to texts during your normal business hours. It's better to set these expectations at the beginning, before headaches and misunderstandings arise.

Also, if you're an iPhone user, you can set Do Not Disturb rules with only people in your favorites list or selected groups allowed to ring through. This means your clients can only call during certain times and it will send them to voicemail at other times. This will also allow them to text you, but you won't be notified that their text message has arrived (it's helpful to turn the red badge off as well). If you wanted to set boundaries yet make exceptions, you could even create a "week of wedding" group that allows specific people to contact you 24/7 during the week of their wedding. 

If you don't want to give out your cell phone to clients (I personally don't), RingCentral offers the ability to text from your business phone number right from your cell phone. It also allows your employees to text from your business number as well, from their own phones. They also have Office Hours/Do Not Disturb settings you can turn on. 

You should be appropriately accessible to your clients, but you should also design your business to serve your life and family. Set boundaries and then tell your clients what those boundaries are.

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