#GetSplendid • 007

One of the cardinal rules of communication that was drilled into me at my first real job was "reply in like kind." 

All it means is that you reply to people using the method in which they contacted you.

If they call you, call them back.
If they email you, email them back.
If they text you, text them back.

My exception to this now that social media has added multiple inboxes to our lives is to respond to most social media direct messages with an email that includes a brief explanation that I like to keep all online communication in one place so it doesn't get lost.

People tend to reach out via the method they're most comfortable with, so replying in like kind is a way to meet them on their level. If you need to get them on the phone after they email, suggest a call in your follow up email.

The "reply in like kind" process may initially take a little bit more time, but it builds trust. That trust will ultimately make them more likely to work with you.

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