How Using The Word 'Packages' Hurts Your Wedding Brand

Millennials — the generation born between 1979-2000, and the majority of wedding clients — were raised to believe they could be anything they wanted to be because they were the only ones that had their unique blend of DNA and gifts. Also called "Trophy Kids," they were taught an "everyone's a winner" mentality and were given participation trophies for simply showing up. There was no such thing as a losing team, just "last winners." They were taught that they were unique, special snowflakes, and each child knew from a young age that they had no copy anywhere in the world.

Because of this, millennials see custom as a need and a given at any price point, not as a luxury or premium upgrade. While your service offerings may say that all packages are customizable, the word packages itself sends up an unconscious red flag to millennial consumers. They equate the word packages with cookie cutter, and using it in your sales materials tells them that you are not able or willing to accommodate their uniqueness.

Even if your behind-the-scenes system is not entirely custom, the process of working with you needs to FEEL custom. The best place to start with that is to change the language you use in presenting what you have to offer to potential clients.

Originally published August 2012