Have To vs Get To

You don’t have to do anything, you get to do things.

You get to make money being a creative artist.

You get to provide for your children so that they can experience the joy and character-building disciplines developed through sports, art, music, and dance classes.

You get to help set your kids up for success by investing in their college funds.

You get to cook nutritious meals for your family, helping them take care of their bodies and minds.

You get to clean and organize your home so that your family has a calming environment where they can relax, let down their guard, and be themselves.

You get to workout and boost your energy, mood, and productivity.

You get to visit the doctor so that you can live a little bit more comfortably than you would without medical care.

You get to help make the world a better place by adding good to the lives of others.

Your perspective may not change what goes on your to-do list, but it certainly transforms how those things get done.

Originally published January 2015