#GetSplendid • 001

Today kicks off #GetSplendid, a new feature here on ThinkSplendid.com. Each weekday I'll be sharing tips and insights centered around a monthly theme. The insights are short and are designed to make your business and life a little more splendid, day by day. This new feature is in addition to the morning posts and will be published at 3:00 PM EST. 

The theme for March is 'Communication.' Years ago I worked with a leader who always said, "Communication is the lifeblood of relationships" and the truth of that wisdom has stuck with me. This month I'll be sharing tips on improving communication, including cleaning up and optimizing social media platforms, setting boundaries, and making your process work better for both you and your clients.

If you routinely have phone calls with your clients, especially if you offer consulting services, record the calls (with their permission, obviously). 

I do this with all of my clients and they love it. I use a dedicated conference line through UberConference (RingCentral is also a great option) which automatically records our conversation. After each call, the recording is uploaded to a private and secure client dashboard where they can log in and re-listen to each call as often as they'd like.

This allows my clients to focus and take notes as they see fit and be present in the moment while we're talking, without worrying they're missing anything. It also allows me to re-listen to the calls if I need to before future meetings.

Offering call recording is an easy, affordable add-on to your process that improves not only your communication but client satisfaction as well.