The Challenges of Success

Success is defined differently for everybody, but anyone who's had any measure of success knows that as you grow more successful, you encounter new sets of challenges. Sure, these new issues can often be labeled "high-class problems," but as anyone who's been through them can tell you, problems that are "great to have" are still problems.

As you become more successful, you will sometimes lose support from colleagues who were once your cheerleaders. This often has to do with a shift in power (or perceived power) more than anything else.

Regardless, make sure that you have people in your life with whom you can discuss new challenges as they unfold. Seek advice from both mentors who are on the path ahead of you and can help you navigate where they have already been, and peers who are in the same boat and can stick with you as you figure out how to deal with the issues together.

No one is truly self-made. Surround yourself with people who want to see you win (and vice versa) and you'll go a lot further.

Originally posted August 2015