Introducing WedType™ – The First Wedding Buyer Behavior Model

Earlier this week I was honored to speak at the VOW New World of Bridal educational event for bridal shop owners and managers at AmericasMart in Atlanta. During my talk, I introduced WedType™, the first wedding buyer behavior model

While there are many buyer behavior models on the market, none of them really took a deep dive into how consumers behave during lifestage milestones, such as weddings, new babies, or buying a home. While there are companies who serve these various lifestage milestones, the consumer behavior is often described by lumping all those buyers together: "This is how brides think" or "This is what new parents want." When people went further, they would try to plug in other consumer behavior models, which never quite fit because they were researched based on everyday normal buying behavior, not milestone events. 

WedType™ is made up of four wedding buyer types: Seekers, Drivers, Researchers, and Lovers. Each segment makes decisions differently when it comes buying, and each interacts with each other differently. With the Millennial generation and Generation Z valuing group decision making, understanding the different perspectives of the people in the room is more critical than ever, and it goes beyond simply understanding which generation they are a part of. 

WedType™ is something we've been working on and testing here at Think Splendid for the past several years, and in the past year we've been using it privately in our business and sales training sessions with clients. This week, I was happy to unveil it publicly for the first time. 

I am very proud of the WedType™ wedding buyer behavior model we've developed and stand behind it 100%. Because it is based on our proprietary research, it is not something you will find on Google or from reading a book. In fact, we are the only company on the planet offering this in depth training and insights.

If you would like Think Splendid to train your team on WedType™ and how to better understand and sell to brides and grooms in a way that no other training can provide, we'd love to work with you.