Replacing Your Fear-Driven Work Ethic

Too many people confuse a scarcity mentality with having a strong, healthy work ethic. 

A scarcity mentality says that if you slow down you might lose a sale.
A scarcity mentality says you have to say yes to meetings on Christmas Eve.
A scarcity mentality robs you of what you truly need to be better.
A scarcity mentality says you can sleep when you're dead.
A scarcity mentality offers busyness as a badge of honor when in reality it's a crutch that prevents you from running at your best.

These things aren't signs of a healthy work ethic, they're signs of a fear-driven work ethic.

It’s okay to turn your phone off while you have lunch.
It’s okay to not check email while you’re with your family in the evenings.
It's okay to set boundaries with your clients and tell them holidays are off limits.
It’s okay to not be connected 24/7.

As far as losing a piece of business by missing a call, if a potential client begrudges you an interruption-free lunch break, is it really a client you want?

Taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally isn't laziness. You deserve to rest. You deserve margin. Margin makes you sharper, more creative, and more productive when you switch back "on."

If we want the industry to improve, we each have to create the necessary space for us to work in a way that produces the best results.

Originally published September 2015