How To Get More of What You Want

Patience isn't a fruit beneficial just for daily living. It's also a cornerstone to succeeding in business.

In our impatience we allow our calendars to fill up with good but not great opportunities and then we don't have room when the great ones come along.

In our impatience we post snap judgments based on the first account of a story instead of waiting to hear all sides.

In our impatience we pretend that the wolf isn't decked out in this season's sheepskin and so we align with people and companies we shouldn't.

Patience doesn't mean laziness. It isn't justification for apathy. And it certainly doesn't preclude getting your ideas out the door.

Patience means being a crock pot in a microwave world. It means being willing to work for the long haul while everyone else is willing to settle for quick, unhealthy results.

Patience allows you to hold out for what you value. It empowers you to create a business and opportunities you can be proud of.

Patience allows you to get more of what you want.

Originally published March 2013