Join Me at a Wedding Conference in Wine Country

With Kristen Ley, founder of  Thimblepress , at one of Oh So Inspired's evening events in 2016. 

With Kristen Ley, founder of Thimblepress, at one of Oh So Inspired's evening events in 2016. 

I'll be in Napa March 18-20th to speak at Oh So Inspired, a conference for creative wedding professionals. The conference will be at the new Archer Hotel in downtown Napa and other speakers include Marcy Blum, Sean Low, Harmony Walton, Chloe MacKintosh, Anja Winnika, and more.

Oh So Inspired usually takes place each November, but was rescheduled this past year as the Sonoma fires broke out only a few weeks before. Because some of the original attendees had previous commitments for the new dates, there are a few spots re-open for this year's conference.

I will be speaking on WedType, the new research on wedding buyer personality types that I introduced last year. Because it's based on proprietary research we've conducted over the past four years, WedType isn't something you can find by googling or reading a book, so this is an opportunity to learn about it in a beautiful setting. It will change how you approach sales and marketing, and how you run your client process – for the better.

I speak at a lot of different conferences and find them to be valuable for different reasons. If you're considering Oh So Inspired, here are some things to know:

  • This is a conference created by creatives for creatives – the co-founders Nancy Liu Chin, Kelly McLeskey-Dolata of A Savvy Event, and Mary Chan of Very Mary Inspired and the Sketchbook Series have all built successful companies in the wedding industry and have been in your shoes. 

    As such, the conference is very much focused on re-energizing and re-inspiring the life of a wedding professional: refilling your creative well, refocusing your business efforts, refreshing your spirit. You will get plenty of practical, implementable business talk from myself, Sean, and Harmony that will help you on the business side of your company, but it's not a conference focused on formulas or spreadsheets. You will also soak up a lot of wisdom about the creative side of the business, both from presentations and through hands-on classes. True to its name, you will leave not just motivated, but inspired.
  • If you are an introvert, Oh So Inspired is a breath of fresh air. Everything is gorgeous with immaculate attention to detail (if you're familiar with Nancy or Kelly's work this will come as no surprise), but it is not over the top and you will not get lost in the crowd. The Archer is a boutique hotel, the attendee list is limited, and there is a laid-back vibe (pack some flats, you will not be judged). There is ample time for conversations one-on-one or with small groups of people. If you're an extrovert, you'll be happy, too, as there are always people willing to hang out late.
  • People like to think that business success means all the problems have been solved, but the truth is that different levels of success bring all new, totally different problems to deal with. While a few of the people at Oh So Inspired may be new to the industry, most have been in business for a while, allowing plenty of opportunity for honest conversations about how to overcome the various hurdles that pop up after you've hit various milestones.

If you're interested in attending Oh So Inspired, you can learn more here and follow them on Instagram here.