How To Sell Effectively So You Can Book More Weddings

Ever been copied?

Me, too.

About five years ago a friend sent me a link to a YouTube video of a respected colleague giving a keynote speech at a conference. She wasn't just giving any speech – she was giving mine.

My content.
My research.
Even a couple of my jokes.

All being presented as her own.

The saying "it shouldn't matter who gets the credit" is sometimes true, but not when it's someone else taking all the credit for your work.

I knew I had to start working on something new that others couldn't pretend they found on Google Scholar or by reading a few books.

So I did.

For the past almost four years now I've been researching what would become WedType™, the first ever buyer behavior model for lifestage milestone events, conducted with scientific processes.

I kept it under wraps until earlier this year because, as any research psychologist will tell you, sometimes what you end up finding after coding all the data is a big wad of . . . nothing.

Fortunately, that wasn't the case here.

What I and my tight-knit research team found was that there are significant personality shifts when it comes to milestone events such as weddings, babies, bar and bat mitzvahs, etc. We also found that for weddings, the shifts aren't just in the brides and grooms, but in the people closest to them as well.

Since millennials grew up with group-focused education, peer feedback is a key part of their behavior process. Because of this, it's more important than ever to know how to effectively sell to every person in the room.

That's where WedType comes in.

Everything you've ever heard about selling to personality types? It's based on research not done on lifestage events. It's helpful-ish, but it still never quite fits when it comes to selling to brides and grooms.

This is because that personality research is done by studying how people go grocery shopping, buy shoes online, shop at the mall, or buy products for their company.

With WedType, we are able to show you exactly how people behave when it comes to wedding decisions. And it is VERY different than how they make daily life purchases or shop online. 

You no longer have to settle for helpful-ish. We'll show you the personality shifts and how the four wedding buyer types behave. And we'll show you how to effectively sell to engaged couples during this time in their lives.

No one else has this info, because no one else has done this work. It is our "blue ocean" so to speak. And I am incredibly proud of it.

If you're interested in having us train your team on WedType, drop me a line. I'd love to chat.

Photo by Samantha James Photography, from the Trouvaille Workshop a few weeks ago where I had the privilege of sharing an abbreviated version of WedType™ with a group of talented wedding planners and florists.