Personal Development

Being Generous In Your Everyday Life

The one question that will build a habit of generosity.

Photo by    Cameron Clark   .

Photo by Cameron Clark.

Generosity is a habit, and one that is first developed by noticing opportunities to add good to the lives of others.

If you want your subconscious to be working on identifying ways to be more generous while you go about your daily routine, ask yourself the question (out loud), "How can I add good to the lives of others this week?"

You may be surprised at the opportunities to make life easier for someone that seem to pop up out of nowhere. These didn't really come out of nowhere, you're just training yourself to notice them more often by asking yourself this simple question and allowing your brain to get to work.

Originally published May 2013

The Benefits of Journaling for Business

Allow your mind to breathe.

Photo by    Cameron Clark

Photo by Cameron Clark

I have a stack of journals dating back to when I was 14 years old. I'd been using the morning pages stream-of-consciousness method for years before I knew it had an actual name (and entire movement behind it), so I tend to fill up journals quickly.

It’s always interesting to read through old journals because they’re a snapshot into life at different points in time. Some of the goals I once had are laughable now. Some of the ideas or circumstances I agonized over then now seem ridiculous (this is especially true for all journals kept during high school).

What’s fascinating to me is reading through the journals I’ve kept in my business years. Some of the things I once thought were incredibly important don't matter to me any more. Some of the things I wanted back when I began I still want. And some dreams that I forgot about, scribbled in the early morning as a random thought, have come to reality.

If you don't already keep a journal for your business, grab a notebook and just write for a couple pages. You might be surprised at what comes out on paper. You may not see the benefits immediately, but over time they add up by providing clarity and allowing room for your mind to breathe. It's difficult to celebrate if you don’t remember what you truly wanted along the way.

Originally published September 2008

Making Change Happen

Photo by    Cameron Clark

Photo by Cameron Clark

We know what we’re supposed to do yet we don’t do it.

The solutions seem simple and trite.

Surely the people who are more successful have more complex routines and productivity secrets.

Surely profound life change doesn’t really come from small habits that add up like compound interest.

Write things down, set goals, carve out time in your schedule solely to sit and think, eat breakfast, drink enough water, stretch and move more, reply to emails quickly, send handwritten thank you notes. It’s all just a little too obvious.

The magic is in the obvious.

Originally published May 2014