What True Humility Looks Like

Arrogance says, "I am talented, roll out the red carpet for me."
Humility says, "I am talented and get to stand on the shoulders of giants."

Arrogance says, "You are lucky to work with me."
Humility says, "I am lucky to get to do work I love."

Arrogance says, "I've arrived."
Humility says, "There's always room to grow."

Arrogance says, "Everything everyone else does is inferior."
Humility says, "Look at this community of talent!"

Arrogance says, "My work has the power to change the world so the end justifies the means."
Humility says, "My work has the power to change the world so how I do things matters."

Arrogance says, "Oh, this lil' old thing?"
Humility says, "Thank you."

Arrogance says, "I have to take on all opportunities."
Humility says, "I can pass on good opportunities so I have time and energy for the great opportunities."

Arrogance asks, "What's in it for me?"
Humility asks, "What's best for everyone involved?"

Arrogance says, "I deserve this."
Humility says, "What a gift!"

Arrogance says, "I want and should have it all."
Humility says, "I want and will make room for what's important."

Arrogance is stingy and greedy.
Humility is generous and joyful.

Arrogance is thoughtless with the hearts under its care.
Humility sets boundaries.

Arrogance is a doormat because it demands everyone's approval.
Humility has a backbone because it knows its core values.

Arrogance assumes it knows all the answers.
Humility asks better questions.

Arrogance jumps to conclusions.
Humility knows there are always far more than two sides to every story.

Fear is the root of arrogance.
Gratitude is the root of humility.

Many people mix these up, but make no mistake: arrogance is synonymous with insecurity, true humility is synonymous with confidence.

If you want to be better, own your talent. Acknowledge that what you bring to the table is worth something. True humility doesn't hide its gifts.

Originally published January 2013